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About My Project: V6

V6 is my first official album and consists of 6 tracks. Just like a V6 engine, which has 6 individual cylinders, each song has a unique sound. A lot of inspiration comes from my day job as being a mechanic in the heart of Flint, MI. The majority of people in this world have the luxury of driving a vehicle, but I have the honor to look at cars from the inside out. Through my music, I speak from the heart and make sure to give you the energy that you're seeking. I know I have dominating vocals, so I use this to my advantage. If you're looking for a grunge hop/rock vibe, then listen to Launch Mode or Throttle Plate. Are you interested in a song that you can swing your hips to? If so, Carriage Town or Love Yoself takes the cake. Want something that you can sit back and zone out to? Chasing Sunshine all the way. Or maybe, you're hunting for something explosive. Well, if that's the case, play Tail Lights and prepare to be blown away. While others stay in one lane, I'm swerving in and out of multiple. I'm boundless, I'm RaskE.

"V6 Fall Fest & Car Show," and

Official Music Video for "Launch Mode."



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V6 is one of a kind. RaskE is all about the blue collar, automotive industry and it really shows in his debut EP. If you truly want to hear the sound of art, then give it a listen.

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ASCAP: #852166632


  • Released my debut album, V6, which is a first of many in the well constructed series.
  • Performed at The Salvation Army "Rock the Red Kettle" event December 2020. 
  • Performed at "Concrete Jungle" and "Glizzy Fest" 2021
  • Decided to throw our own music show/car show for our album release party at our family business, Shelton Automotive, which is an automotive repair shop in the heart of Flint, MI.  "V6 Fall Fest & Car Show." (video above)
  • Built an explosive team that consists of a Manager, Brand Manager, Composer, Producer, and multiple Videographers. 
  • Made huge connections in the industry with unforgettable people like, Rush Dee, Brooklyn Holla, Mike Kuz, Enrgy, Bfb Da Packman, and many more.
  • Currently a Mechanic at our family owned and operated automotive business, Shelton Automotive, which has been around since 1928 next to the famous Atwood Stadium. We are a staple within the community. 
  • Current Brand Ambassador for Autoworld Clothing Company.
  • At my business, Ovrall Music Group, LLC, we have a  cozy, state of the art recording studio, a place to present ideas and turn them into achievements, and a team that will bend over backwards for you to make sure the job gets done.